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Thrifty 50-Word Challenge #75: Impulse Control

A standard set of dice midroll against a blue background.
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I once craved edamame. “No. That has to be wrong,” I thought. So I did not eat any edamame.

I once craved ice cream. “Oh, yes. I deserve it,” I thought. So I ate some ice cream.

See that? Give me half a chance and I can control an impulse.

50 words

50 Word Challenge #73: Powering Down

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Entities in power tend to stay in power. Entities oppressed must cause unrest. It’s a law of social physics. Just as it takes a lot of energy to heat water to a rolling boil, so does it take a lot of society to create a vacuum the powers will abhor.

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Thrifty Word Challenge (50 words) #71: March

A handmade banner set against a black background. The banner is red with white lettering and white trim. It reads “For Hearth and Home.” It is believed to be a suffragette banner.
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The March girls, except for Beth, hated dreary, dark November and that was BEFORE Father took ill and Jo cut off her hair (her one true beauty!) for money.

Louisa May Alcott’s middle name was her mother’s maiden name. March was Louisa May Alcott’s little joke about the little women.

This prompt had to have come from a horror and dystopian fiction writer. And it did! Thank you Melissa for keeping it very real and to The Bad Influence for keeping it realer-ist-ic.

And check out James Knight’s story for more March and more women.

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100-word challenge #49: Pandemic Christmas Past

A medieval/Viking cosplayer is seen from above, standing alone in a muddy, grassy field. No face is visible. The individual’s back is to the viewer. They wear a metal helmet without horns, carry a dull metallic shield and hold their dull metal sword across their chest. They are dressed in a brownish-grey tunic top with a hood, the material is coarse. Their pants are billowed and navy blue. Their boots are brown leather and with canvas uppers.
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Once upon a time, no one wore masks! The supply chain was intact and mobs of people gathered to fight over flat-screen TVs, X-boxes… X-boxes were … well, we… we gamed in 2D. Those were difficult days.

We traveled through snow to visit people, eat meat, and argue. Snow was…. well… I do miss it. But not the arguments over basic germ theory… What? Oh, those people died off… but we still wear masks and argue via augmented reality with the offspring that survived. One tradition remains! Now, eat your plant-based pork roast before it’s cold!

As always, much thanks to the marvelous Marla Bishop for the prompt and The Bad Influence for the platform. Merry and all that…